Which UK Airport has cheapest parking?

The cost of car parking can significantly add to the cost of your holiday. So is car parking cheaper at the smaller airports?

Our survey involved looking for the cheapest car parking available within a close distance to each of the major airports for the same time period in the school summer holidays. We chose August 1st - 8th.

The cheapest priced car parking available at each airport were:

Birmingham Airport £19.92

Bristol Airport £31

Cardiff Airport £29.15

Gatwick Airport £52.20

Glasgow Airport £14.50

Heathrow Airport £40.95

Liverpool Airport £33.30

Luton Airport £49.00

Manchester Airport £23.92

Stansted Airport £53.10

The conclusion from this snapshot is, unsuprisingly, that London airport auto car parking is the most expensive. What is suprising is that London Stansted has the most expensive parking while Heathrow has the cheapest airport car parking of the london airports. By far the cheapest in our survey was Glasgow where parking is available for the dates we surveyed for just £14.50.

Notes. Our survey just represents a snapshot for a given period if bookings were made on a particular day. Prices can vary and not necessarily every airport parking provider was surveyed. All car parks surveyed offer a transfer service and are located within 15 minutes of the airport. Levels of service and security may vary from one car park provider to another.





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