Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you have an unused space, you can rent out your parking space using Park At My House. Driveways, garages or any unused land suitable for parking can be made available short or long term and there are thousands of drivers currently looking for parking spaces all over the country. Listing your parking space at Park At My House is completely free.

How much can you earn from renting out parking space?

Normal rates are around £10 - £20 for individual sporting and other events, and can reach up to £100-£200 per month for parking spaces in prime locations.

What locations are suitable for earning money from your parking space?

Basically anywhere that there will be a high demand for parking spaces will be suitable. This could include spaces near Wembley stadium, The o2 arena and major airports. It's not just venues for one off events that are suitable. If you have a space in a city centre location, or near to a mainline railway station, these too may be suitable.

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